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In the early 1940's, a farmer with a dark side began harvesting a new crop "dead people".

The asylum first opened its doors in the late 1800's to house the mentally ill and criminally insane. By the early 1900's overcrowding was severe and conditions were appalling and inhumane. Sources claim that in order to keep the hospital popluation down, the most criminally insane patients were "accidentally murdered" by the practice of primitive shock therapy and lobtomies. The paperwork was mysteriously lost and the bodies were buried off site at a place referred to as the "Asylum Burial grounds". This notorious site is located on the Connors Farm.

On the way to the fair a bus loaded with clowns overturned resulting in their deaths. Legend says they still haunt the woods that they died in.

The Haunted Cornfield at Connors Farm is located on Valley Road in Danvers, Massachusetts. The Connors Farm, established in 1904, is a real working farm, and has been for more than 300 years.  During the spring, the fields are worked to produce the most beautiful and fresh fruit and vegetables grown on this soil rich land.  Based on the season, customers are welcome to come on in and pick fresh fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries; as the fall season approach peaches, apples and pumpkins bring in the chill of the night air and the final harvest of the year.  When the days grow short and the nights get long this also brings with the change in the fields.  Bring the whole family for a fun fall day with our non-haunted corn maze and amazing fall farm activities:  jumping pillow, hayrides, cow train, grain train, duck races, spider web, pig races, inflatables, kid’s mini hay bale maze, and more.  For a fun filled fall evening, join us for our flashlight night in the non-haunted maze. 

The Halloween season is upon us at The Haunted Cornfield at Connors Farm. Seeking more of a challenge, take a long walk through the haunted cornfield and into the darkness of the woods and back. Beware, the darkness of night draws out the creatures that have hidden away from the heat of the hot summer sun and stayed in the deepest darkest realms of the woods, for this is Danvers, Massachusetts, a part of Salem village, the Halloween capital of the spirit world.  The temperature drops and the evil souls come out of the shadows and into the fields to terrorize all who dare to enter their kingdom.  Are you brave enough to enter the haunted cornfield and challenge your fears amongst the rustling of the corn in the chilly fall air?  The monsters and creatures that lurk in the shadows of darkness as the fog rolls in seek the thrill of your fear as the heart pounding screams echo through the night.  Once you enter, the challenge is making it through!  Dare your fate where your fears come to life at The Haunted Cornfield at Connors Farm.